What do graphics cards do

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An image or video is rendered and shown on a computer’s display using a graphics card, commonly referred to as a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It is independent of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and collaborates with it to carry out the functions necessary for displaying images and videos.

A graphics card’s primary job is to produce and process images and videos, which are ultimately shown on the computer’s monitor. The visuals you see on your computer, including the desktop wallpaper and the images in videos and games, are produced by the graphics card.

What do graphics cards do?

Games and other graphically demanding programmes are also run on the graphics card. It was created primarily to perform the intricate computations needed to render 3D graphics and films. This enables smoother playback of videos and movies as well as more realistic and detailed graphics in games.

Additionally, general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU), which is utilised in areas like machine learning, scientific simulations, and video encoding and decoding, accelerates other computations by using graphics cards.

The clock speed and CUDA core count of a graphics card are typically used to gauge its performance. The graphics card’s clock speed indicates how many computations it can carry out per second, whereas the number of CUDA cores indicates how many parallel processing units it has.

In conclusion, a graphics card is in charge of handling image and video processing and rendering, running graphics-intensive programmes, and speeding up computations. It is a specialised piece of hardware that operates independently of the CPU and collaborates with it to produce the pictures and videos seen on the computer’s monitor.

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